The beginning


So after plenty of time deciding whether or not if I should create a wordpress, I have finally decided to pull the trigger.

I guess I’ll start by introducing myself. My name is Kevin Martinez and I live in Houston, Texas. I’m 19 years old at the time of this post, and I own a 1993 Nissan 240SX SE fastback which I am still in the process of building. Ever since I first started getting into cars I’ve been fascinated by the art of drifting and Japanese car culture. The past few years of my life have been a blur. I’ve met so many awesome people and learned so many things, it’s crazy to think about how much things have changed in these past couple of years. I have a lot of catching up to do.


It all started when I went to my first lonestar drift event. I saw the typical “missile cars” all over the place. Smashed up panels, missing lights, scuffed up and cracked fiber glass, replica wheels the whole 9. Then there was this group of guys that clearly stood out from the rest. Their cars were beautiful. They were all set up next to eachother so I knew they must’ve been friends or teammates of some sort. Their cars looked like they just got off the boat from a D1SL event from 10 years ago. It was absolutely mesmerizing. This exceptional group of guys I learned were Essence Garage. From that point forward, I knew EXACTLY what I wanted to achieve, and why I wanted to. Drifting was no longer about throwing together a pos 240 and not caring at all about the aesthetics of it.  I met my friend kip around this time and to my surprise he was close friends with them! He introduced me to them and I couldn’t believe how nice these dudes were to me. They didn’t know me at all yet they welcomed me with open arms. It was truly special feeling.

I decided to immediately get rid of the 1990 I had at the time and search for a much cleaner one. I wanted a chuki model (91-93) with all of the features except for Hicas and relatively low miles, damage, or rust. Eventually I found the perfect car! I found an unmodified (besides wheels and a radio) 1993 in sapphire blue with a blown KA. The engine didn’t worry me at all because my plan is to swap an SR into it eventually. I traded the gentleman and began the build.